To provide a relationship based platform focused on the least reached people groups, aiming to gather like-minded business and mission people in order to transform communities in Southern Africa . By networking with local and international leaders we will be able to establish sustainable development amongst the poorest of poor.

To initiate a new approach to missions by training and equipping local leaders with proven models that are reproducible and self sustainable. We want to facilitate enduring solutions built on local assets and networks to replace the 50 year practices that have unintentionally led to dependency instead of fostering human resilience and self sustainability.


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In 1994 Keith and Angela McLaren responded to God’s call to reach the Zulu nation with the gospel of the Kingdom of Grace.   While they arrived with the vision of “church” as they knew it, a surprise awaited them when they found out just how much pain and suffering was being experienced by what in days gone by was a proud and strong nation.   It was soon established that that a quick – slick Sunday service would not suffice.   Very quickly the McLarens bought a property which they are developing as a base for the Church, Early Childhood Development Center, Orphanage and Skills and Upliftment Projects.


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